Frequently Asked Questions About Superwinch Winches

Q. Does my winch need to be lubricated?

Superwinch products are lubricated at the time of assembly, under normal conditions this lubrication will suffice. Consult your owners manual for specifications.

Q. How can I get an Owners Manual and parts breakdown?

Superwinch product Owners Manuals are posted on our web site and are available for down load. If an older manual or product information is needed call Superwinch customer service for more information 800-323-2031.

Q. What mounting kits are available for my (ATV, Truck, Jeep and Trailer specific for section)?

Superwinch offers a wide variety of mounting kits, mounting information is available on our web site or call Superwinch customer service for more information 800-323-2031.

Q. How should I determine the proper winch for my application?

Know your weight: For safe and sure recovery, Superwinch recommends the following, multiply the maximum weight you will be pulling by 1.5, this is the (lb.) rating you should be applying to your winch selection.
Know your rolling weight: For safe and sure loading, Superwinch recommends following the car and trailer load chart at ( Find the column that matches your percentage of slope or grade. Determine the slope by dividing the amount of your ramp’s rise by the ramp’s length. Match the slope with the nearest weight of your car, always rounding up, and locate the corresponding winch Rated Line Pull (RLP)*. This guide is recommended for average vehicle rolling loads. Some applications may require larger winches than indicated.
* RLP – The weight the winch could pull perpendicular to the ground with a single line on the first layer of wire rope on the drum.

Q. Can I move people with my winch vertically or horizontally?


Q. Can I lift with my winch vertically?


Q. Where do I take my winch for service, warranty work and any repairs?

Superwinch Authorized Repair Centers have specially trained technicians that can service and repair your winch click here for the list of our (AUTHORIZED REPAIRS CENTERS) or call Superwinch customer service for more information 800-323-2031.

Q. How do I reprogram my wireless remote keyfob?

  1. Read all instructions BEFORE trying to program the key fobs.
  2. Put the winch into FREESPOOL before programming begins.
  3. Install Freedom Switch wireless winch control.
  4. Find the small white dot (light/L.E.D.) on the Power distribution Module (PDM). It is located right below the Superwinch logo on the front side of the PDM. It is about 1/8” in size.
  5. With the ignition lead connected (yellow w/red stripe), turn the ignition on and off about 10 times or until the LED on the Power Distribution Module (PDM) turns red.
  6. Push the winch OUT button on the first key fob until the L.E.D. blinks once.
  7. Push the winch OUT button on the second key fob until the L.E.D blinks again.

The unit automatically turns off programming mode after about 5 seconds.
Note: When programming a new remote, you will have to reprogram the old one at the same time.
Both have to be programmed together.

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