Regular Care

It is very important to check the Land Rover regularly, especially when going off-road frequently. Severe conditions such as driving in mud, sand, high speed in high temperatures etc. will need to be servicing more frequently.

Cooling system
It is highly recommended to change the engine coolant every 30k miles. Otherwise it will lose its protective temperature. It is also worth checking if the cooling system doesn’t lose fluid. In order to do it, have a look between the radiator and the A/C condenser. Make sure the auxiliary fans work properly. Check also operation of the fan viscous coupling. Check the water pump if the shaft looks OK. Make sure the engine thermostat works fine. It should be stuck half open and fully open at about 185F. The best way to test it is to warm it in a pan of water and see what temperature opens it.

Leather seats
It is recommended to take regular care of the leather seats in your Land Rover. There are several products on the market that are easy to use and that will keep leather in your vehicle in an immaculate condition. It is worth using a cleaner first and once the seats are clean, apply a conditioner to preserve it. If not good enough care of the leather is taken, it will become stiff and cracky. Lexol Leather Cleaner and Conditioner will give very good results.

Front shock towers
If the car is used in salty conditions, the front shock towers should be checked regularly.

Transmission cooling lines
They need regular checks for leakage. Because the lines are made of steel, corrosion may appear. If a seepage on the line or red drops of Dexron are seen on the garage floor, it means there is a leak in the transmission.

In order to prevent accidents on a slippery road, tires need to be changed for winter. All-season tires won’t provide good control. Nokian tires from Finland are winter tires worth recommending. They are safe and durable as have a unique thread design.

Changing bulbs
If halogen bulbs need to be replaced in the vehicle, the glass should not be touched. Oil from the skin can cause hot spots on the bulb which would burn it up very quickly. Always clean the bulbs with alcohol before installation.

Before spring, it is a good idea to check hoses for wear. Hot temperature in late spring and summer will put more stress on the rubber and then the hose won’t dissipate heat in the way it should do. Any traces of cracks and splits are signs that it’s time to change hoses. Even if just one shows wear, it is recommended to change all hoses because they are usually wear out more or less equally.

Clutch and brake system
The clutch and brake system needs good hydraulic fluid. Castrol Brake Fluid is a good choice that will help the vehicle to prevent seal failures.

Engine cover and oil pump
If the engine cover or oil pump needs replacing, it is a good idea to replace the water pump, hoses and polyvee belt at the same time. It is a good opportunity as they must be removed while changing engine cover or oil pump and are probably worn.

If you live in warmer climate, it is advisable to use the 10W-40 or 20W-50 oil. If you live somewhere where is quite cold, use rather the 5W-40W. This will help the car to start faster and will eliminate flooding problems.

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