Range Rover TDV8

The TDV8 is a powerful and luxurious, and is the quietest Range Rover diesel yet. This model will make everyone searching for power, capability and luxury in a car happy.

The vehicle accelerates to 60 mph in just 8.6 seconds. Compared to its previous version, the TDV8 delivers 64% more torque and over 50% more power but offers the same fuel economy.

The TDV8 is best both for on and off-road. It’s got 6-speed transmission, air suspension, ground breaking Terrain Response system, traction control, the list is endless… Taking into consideration that the car will meet different driving conditions, its engine and suspension have been created to automatically adjust to them.

What’s new inside? This model is luxurious and spacious. Operating with the hand brake with just one finger is not a problem as the traditional brake has been replaced by an electronic park brake. The touch screen is colourful and large. It is now possible to control all the functions with just fingertips. As heated seats are now standard in Range Rover vehicles, now it’s also possible to face summer with cooled front seats too.

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