Land Rover Engines Since 1958

All Land Rover engines produced in the years 1948-98 belonged to one of three families:

1. The engine used in the first vehicles, in year 1948, had its origins in pre-war Rover cars. The engine was used in both four and six cylinder cars and it was the inlet-over-exhaust petrol engine.
2. The engine that first appeared in the diesel form in 1957 in the Series One production, was the four cylinder overhead valve engine. This engine, after having evolved over the years, is still in production these days.
3. All aluminium V8 motor that was sourced by Buick.

The new five cylinder turbodiesel engine was used in the years 1998 – 2007. Since then the Ford diesel was used.

Below is a list of the engines used by Land Rover since the production of the first vehicle in 1958:

1997cc Petrol, inlet-over-exhaust – the production of the vehicles with this engine carried from Series II 88 inch petrol to Series I production.

2052cc Diesel, overhead valve – was Land Rover’s first diesel engine. Its production started in 1957 and lasted till 1961, being used in Series II cars. This engine was replaced by 2286cc engine which was very similar but featured many internal differences.

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