The Defender is a vehicle available in different body styles, such as Station Wagon, Hard Top, Pick Up and Utility Station Wagon. Depending on the body style, there are three wheelbases: 90, 110 and 130.

Defender’s production started in 1948. The aim was to build a simple and very capable vehicle. In later years of production many things have changed but the chassis is something that hasn’t. It is one of the Defender’s features that make the vehicle strong, durable and capable. The aluminium body is tough, simple and functional.

When choosing the Defender, you’ve got a choice of wheels and tyres for better capacity. Standard steel, heavy-duty and alloy wheels are available as well as tyres for different types of surfaces.

Since the first Defender, many changes in the interior have been made. The 2007 vehicle features contemporary look, good quality and ergonomics. Some of the improvements are: new heating, ventilation, air-conditioning providing faster front screen defrost and improved audio system. The vehicle is now very practical owing to its optimum seating and load flexibility.  More comfort have been added to the passengers’ sake as they can travel with seven adult sized seats all forward facing. The seats can be easily stowed to accommodate the loads.  The front seats are heated.

New speedometers and tachometers have been added to the interior as well as a two-handed passenger grab for support.

Another helpful feature is the excellent visibility owing to Defender’s heated windscreen. The S and XS models also have electric front windows whereas all models have Remote Central Locking.

Defender is the most capable vehicle for off-road driving. It combines the Land Rover tradition, development and new technology. The four-wheel drive makes sure all four wheels get the same amount of power. The driver has also more control thanks to a dual-range transfer box. Defender has a locking centre differential that enables a better traction over the ground, mud, ice and snow.

If desirable, Electronic Traction Control is available with all versions of the Defender. This device enables a quicker acceleration. ABS, on the other hand, makes braking more controllable.

Another feature is the coil sprung suspension, which is desirable especially for long journeys where constant wheels contact with the ground is needed. It also enables the vehicle to follow the contours of rough surfaces.

When it comes to the engines, the new 2.4 litre Diesel engine produces 360Nm of Torque and makes the vehicle even more capable. It is compliant with EU4 emissions legislations, tolerates high-sulphur fuels and is 30% quieter than the outgoing diesel engine. The new six-speed transmission has ALSO been added to the Defender. This enables a smoother on-road performance, better gear changes and improved fuel consumption.

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