Before You Buy

There are several tips to take into consideration before purchasing your dream Land or Range Rover.

These are main things to check before buying your vehicle:

– Has your potential car got a sunroof? If so, remember to check it for leaks.
– Make sure the radiator works OK in order to prevent overheating.
– Check carefully the interior (that it’s not destroyed and if the seats are worn from heavy usage). – Check the vehicle’s mileage.
– Check also the external appearance of the car, look for any corrosion traces.
– Check very carefully any traces of damage repairs. They could indicate underlying problems, in which case you either need to move on or get a professional to check the vehicle thoroughly.
– Make sure all the electric devices (i.e. electric windows) work properly.
– The engine – lots of back smoke might mean the engine is worn.
– Transmission should be easy shifting and quiet. If it’s loud and difficult, it’s worn.
– Don’t forget to check the tyre tread wear.
– Check the oil level.
– As replacements of lights are expensive, try them for water ingress and condensation.

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