13th March 2020

Ring Zoom 150 Duo LED Rechargeable

Inspection Torch with LED strip lamp Inspection torch with a 150 lumen output with a 6000K colour temperature. With a lightweight and extremely durable aluminium construction. Ideal for professionals as it can withstand demanding environments. Includes an inspection lamp for broad illumination. Features a rechargeable li-ion battery using USB to micro USB to recharge it. The torch also includes a 6 x optical zoom and wide angle standard setting, for broad illumination or a concentrated beam.

> Up to 150 lumen torch provides bright white light with 6000K colour temperature > Standard setting has a wide-angle light output for total illumination of the work area > Optical 6x zoom for a focused beam of light to see into the distance > Torch mode has up to 3 hours of illumination time > Lamp mode has up to 4 hours of illumination time > Complete with USB to Micro USB cable for convenient recharging (6 hours recharge time) > Aluminium construction designed for every day workshop use > Built in IC protection to protect battery from overcharging or discharge > Magnetic base for hands-free usage > Product dimensions – 157 H x 27 W x 27mm D > Voltage – 3.7 > Wattage – 2.96 > Amps Output – 800

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