Time To Rebuild Your Defender…?

Posted on: August 14, 2015

After 65 years of what could be referred to as minor evolution from Series to Defender, Land Rover have taken the decision to drop the model from its range. This much loved, iconic, success story from the remnants of a once great British motor industry will be sadly missed… but wait!

We have noticed what can only be described as a landslide of orders from customers for galvanised chassis to rebuild their beloved Landy to make her invincible once more. They are not prepared to simply move to another model. If they can’t get a new Defender then they will rebuild their old one.

It is estimated that three quarters of all Series and Defender Land Rovers ever made are still running. That is a lot of Land Rovers. Unsurprisingly, we have seen a number of our garage customers gear up to do the rebuilds in an efficient manner. So if it’s too big a job for you to tackle yourself, then contact us and we’ll be happy to pass on details of the nearest specialist to you.

The benefits of using a galvanised chassis as a base are their great rustproofing qualities, the Landy’s Achilles heel. The rebuild can then go as deep as you would like. You could replace all the suspension bushes with polyurethane, you could lift the suspension or any other enhancement that you fancy.


Our friendly staff are here to advise and help you choose. Alternatively just replace all the worn standard parts with new. Which ever way you go the bottom line is the same. You end up with the vehicle of your choice fit and ready to serve you well for another lifetime.

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