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Here are the Sparco R100 seats which we have recently put into stock, they are a great looking rally style seat which give good support around your back and hips so are perfect for off roading in your Defender.

We can supply you with all you need to fit them into your Land Rover Defender hard top, soft top and even into a truck cab with a bit of a squeeze. They are not recommend for truck cab models because they are quite tall but as you can see from the pictures below they will fit, they’re a bit tight if you’re a big guy or still have the original steering wheel though so beware!

You can tailor the package as you require by buying the seats, runners and mounting kits separately so you can fit a pair of seats with removable or fixed bases as required. We have found the most popular combination has been 2x seats and 2x runners with 1x removable base for the driver’s side so you can still get to the battery and 1x fixed base for the passenger side.

One of our good customers has just fitted them to his truck cab Td5 90 that he has transformed from an old farm truck into this beauty using parts from Brookwells and is looking great;

Sparco R100 Seat TD5 90

There are loads of colour options available: Black Leatherette, Black/Blue fabric, Black/Grey fabric, Black/Black fabric and Black/Red fabric so there should be a colour option to fit your vehicle.

They can be used with 3 or 4 point harnesses if you want to fit them in your Winch Challenge truck or off-roader but are also ideal for your standard Defender if you would just like a bit more comfort. Because they have nice low side bolsters it is still easy to get in and out of your truck unlike some of the old Cobra bucket seats that you had to literally climb in and out of.

We have them in our shop to test so if you would like to come and have a look and try them out please do, they can also be found here on our website

Hot off the press we’ve got the latest innovative accessory for your Land Rover! A USB charger kit which fits seamlessly into all Land Rover models with a 12V DC socket. 

Land Rover USB Charger kit 12V DC

Land Rover USB Charger kit 12V DC

Tired of your phone running out of battery when you’re in the middle of nowhere raking across the countryside, towing your mates out of a ditch or tackling snowy terrain? Well we’ve got the perfect solution, this superb USB charger from Blue Sea.

They say it is, “Easy to install in existing 12V DC socket hole or a new cut one (28.58mm diameter) providing convenient access for charging mobile devices.

  • Compatible with popular mobile devices.
  • Provides two USB sockets
  • Protective cap”


Here’s some technical info for you as well…


Maximum Output Current 2.1A DC (total)
Cut Out Dimensions 18 in (28.58 mm) dia. hole
Input Voltage 12V
Output Voltage 5V DC +/- 5%
Parasitic Current Draw 15mA
USB 2.0
Weight 0.20lb (0.09 kg)


This handy accessory can be yours for just £23.75 (+ VAT) and as always is available in store, on-line or other the phone. And if you need it for reference our part number is DA4679. Not only is it handy in your Landy, but because of its universal fitment you can easily transfer it for use in any other vehicle.

Price accurate as of the 17.03.14

Known the world over for their high quality Land Rover accessories, Terrafirma can be trusted to add and improve to your Land Rover with every product they put onto the market. And, as we are official distributors for Terrafirma, you can find their extensive list of products on our website, here.

The latest product to arrive to us is their wide wheel arch kits for Land Rover Defender, Discovery 1, Disco 2 and the Range Rover Classic models.

Here’s what they have to say about them, “Made from almost indestructible vacuum formed plastic the fantastic looking Terrafirma wide wheel arches are a full 2 inches wider than the original, keeping your Land Rover legal when fitted with bigger tyres, not to mention helping to keep the mud off the bodywork.

“They are extremely straight forward to fit, simply line up the new wheel arches against the bodywork above where the originals used to be, mark the screw holes then drill and fix. The kit comes complete with all screws, plastic screw caps and edging strips.

“To facilitate the fitment of larger diameter tyres to Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classics wide wheel arch kits are available for both 3 and 5 door models that enable the body work to be trimmed behind to open up the original arches providing the clearance needed. These arches are a full 2 inches wide, covering wider tyres.

“Cutting the bodywork on a Discovery 2 is far less likely hence Terrafirma offers a 2 inch wide wheel arch protector kit that follows the original bodywork and like the Defender requires no body trimming.”

The parts below are available to buy from Brookwells, click the part number to go their page for more info.

TF110 – 2 Inches Wider Than Standard – Defender Screw Fix (No Cutting Required)

TF113 – 2 Inch Wheel Arches 3 Door – Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic Screw Fix (Cutting Required)

TF114 – 2″ Wheel Arches 5 Door – Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic Screw Fix (Cutting Required)

TF115 – 2″ Wheel Arches – DISCOVERY 2 Screw Fix (No Cutting Required)

Our new products for December are here complete with part numbers and web prices (excluding VAT) so be sure to take a look. You can click on the image below to enlarge it, find them on our website using the search bar, drop in to our Bovey or Plymouth branches, or call us for more information.

December’s New Products

And for all other Land Rover parts and accessories look no further than Brookwells because if it fits a Land Rover, you can get it from us.

The latest batch of our new products are here. Defender rear door stays, sidesteps, workshop tools and a Defender demister kit are among our new arrivals.

Click on the pictures below to have a closer look at what we have to offer and their internet prices are also listed.

You can search our website by typing the part numbers into the search bar to take a closer look at our newest products.

Latest products.