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Land Rover have once again spoken out over Chinese knock-off versions of their cars.

Land Wind Land Rover Evoque

Spot the difference! LandWind’s X-7 and the Land Rover Evoque

Jaguar Land Rover CEO Dr Ralph Speth hit out at what he called the copy-paste designs of unregulated Chinese manufacturers at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Speth picked a timely moment and venue to blast the copycats – China’s premier car show – and he decided to try and shame the Chinese authorities into taking action.

At a press conference, Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralph Speth said, “I really regret that all of a sudden copy-paste is coming up again.

“That will not help the reputation of China, of Chinese industry at all. There are no laws to protect us, so we have to take it as it is. 

The Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque

“In Europe, we can be protected against this kind of copy-paste in the design language, in the features but also the technology.”

The main focus of Speth’s ire is LandWind’s X-7 – a blatant copy of JLR’s hugely-popular Evoque model. 

This is not a new phenomenon and various other car manufacturers have criticised the ease with which Chinese companies can produce cars near-identical to theirs and flog them at a far lower price than what the real thing demands.

As Speth says, in Europe and the globe’s other powerhouses, Land Rover and other companies are protected by copyright laws, but not in China.

LandWind have hit back, however, and their vice-general manager Pan Xinxin has insisted they’ve not broken and rules.

Xinxin said: “In our development activities, we have adhered to all national laws and regulations.

“But during this process we will not respond to every reproach with an attack of our own because the media and the public are capable of making their own judgements.”

Our featured Land Rover Defender rebuild Andy the Landy is set to star in next month’s Land Rover Owner Magazine after the makeover has been completed after plenty of blood, sweat and probably even a few tears along the way!

Andy the Landy - Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Andy the Landy – Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

We first started cataloguing the progression of Andy, a black (on the outside) and green (in some of the harder-to-reach places on the inside!) truck-cab Defender with a TD5 engine that looked pretty handsome on the outside but … you may have guessed, with a few gremlins on the inside.

Andy the Landy - Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Andy the Landy – Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Our intrepid Landy Lover James set about completely rebuilding the 90′ with the remit of “No more rust” which meant one hell of an overhaul. A brand spanking new built to order galvanised chassis from our supplier and dozens of parts later, Andy started to take shape into the fine specimen of a vehicle pictured here.

Andy the Landy - Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Andy the Landy – Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

As you can imagine with a rebuild deadlines came and went September 2013 was the original target but we’re sure you agree all the hard work has been well worth it.

Brookwells man Dan (who probably spent more time in contact with James during the rebuild than James’ other half!) was on the scene of the official shoot to capture some sneaky peak pictures for us to use.

Andy the Landy - Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Andy the Landy – Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

The all-singing-all-dancing snaps will be in next month’s edition of Land Rover Owner Magazine, out October 8

We’ve seen them and Andy looks majestic out on the open road so make sure you head out to your local shop – or wait patiently by the letter box – to find out more about James’ experience and see if you can work up the courage to create your very own dream Landy.

If you want to see some of the early stages of Andy’s rebuild simply type in “Defender rebuild” into the search bar on the top right of your browser and select the article you want from the bar on the right hand side.

Land Rovers are funny old things, that’s part of the reason we love them. The heritage and simplicity of the Series models means that sometimes they need a little encouragement to get going again. And that’s where the starting handle/crank comes into its own. 

Land Rover Starting Handle / crank

Land Rover Starting Handle / crank (218508)

What may appear to be a simple exercise can go wrong, broken thumbs aren’t uncommon if the engine kicks back and you’re unfortunate enough to be holding the hand crank in the wrong way. But fear not, have come up with the dos and don’ts of crank starting your Series complete with handy videos.

In their opinion the most common reasons for the Landy not starting are:

  • The ignition key may be faulty
  • The battery may be flat, not enough juice to turn the engine
  • The solenoid may have died
  • The starter dynamo is not working properly
But if you’re stranded somewhere none of that will matter to you, all you’ll want to do is get the bloody thing started. Here’s how.
  1. Disengage the gear
  2. Turn off the ignition key
  3. Choke the carburetor
  4. Turn the engine using hand crank few times to prime carburetor
  5. Turn the ignition key on
  6. Place the hand crank at 10 – 12 o’clock position if you are left handed or 5-6 o’clock position if you are right handed (slightly before 12 or 6 is perfect)
  7. Hold the crank handle by “cupping” it with your finger (place your thumb above the handle with the rest of your finger)
  8. Pull the handle as fast as you can to 2 o’clock position if you left handed or to 7 o’clock position if you are right handed
  9. hope that you are lucky if not start from number 2 again

If your engine is warm just start from number 6 (do not forget to disengage the gear first… one thing that you need to remember: ONLY PULL the hand crank NEVER PUSH..!

We’ve just had another addition to our ever growing range of Land Rover parts, spares and accessories – heavy duty rear cross-members for Defenders.

Our suppliers have informed us that they are now producing 3mm heavy duty versions of their rear cross-members with varying extension lengths for Defenders with 90 and 110 inch wheel bases.


So if you’re serious about off-roading or put your Landy to the test on a regular basis you might want to opt for a heavy-duty cross member section next time you’re considering a change. These are up to 50% stronger than our current stock and are the ideal addition to your vehicle if you’re going to be giving it some serious stick!

Many of these new products are made to order so please be aware that we aren’t currently stocking these items and we will have to order them in for you although we don’t anticipate a long wait.

Below is a list of which vehicle they fit, a short description and our part number which the item relates to.







90 – TD5 CROSSMEMBER (with long extension) – KVB000290A90HD

110 – TD5 CROSSMEMBER (with long extension) – KVB000290A110HD

90 – TD5 CROSSMEMBER (with short extension) – KVB000290A90SEHD

110 – TD5 CROSSMEMBER (with short extension) – KVB000290A110SEHD

90 – 300TDI CROSSMEMBER (with extension and anti-roll brackets) – ANR2056A90300ARHD

If you are interested in finding our more about our new 3mm heavy duty cross members, don’t hesitate to send us an email to or call us on 01626 832555, making sure you quote the part number, and we’ll be happy to help.

Become a 4×4 Vehicle Volunteer and help your local community and emergency services!

The UK has seen a serious change in weather conditions over the last couple of years especially over the last 6 months. Because of this our local authorities, local communities and emergency services are often pushed to their limits and often fall back on 4×4 response groups to give a helping hand.

If you want to get involved in one of the groups then the 4×4 Response UK website is an ideal place to start. From here you can look for groups in your area that you can join or get advice on how to start your own if there isn’t one already. If you do plan to start your own response group they do warn that you should never underestimate the amount of responsibility and time this may take or involve.

A common misconception is that you are required to have a Land Rover to be a part of one of these groups. In reality a lot of the regions will accept owners of; Shoguns, Land Cruisers, Fronteras, Delicias, Mavericks, Terranos and even vehicles as varied as Kia Sorrentos, Nissans Quashqais, Audi All Road and Subaru Imprezas. Basically if you have a car that might be able to help out in severe weather conditions, offer assistance in rural areas or aid emergency services with critical staff transfers then you will be needed. 4×4 Volunteers will often be required to complete a course of training but that will also depend on the groups in your area. Even if you don’t have a 4×4 the groups are always looking for support volunteers as well.

Being a 4×4 response volunteer is very rewarding and provides a crucial support to our emergency services and local communities. If you work full time that’s not a problem either as a lot of members for each region work part time, shift work or are retired so cover is always on hand.

To find out more information and see if you want to become a 4×4 Response Vehicle member visit their website. Thanks to 4×4 response for the image. 

A great off-roading event returns again this year, with the 4×4 on Exmoor weekend back and better than ever.

Taking part on the last weekend in March, the guys are aiming to raise yet more money for charity while having a cracking weekend of off-road fun. But, it’s sneaking up on us so if you want to get involved you have to act quickly.

It’s that time of year again when you need to be getting your sponsors inline so you can raise enough money to be able to enter the 4×4 on Exmoor Event. The team this year have been extremely busy organising the 2013 event which will take place between the 22nd and 24th of March.

Joining them this year will be the Royal Marines from Chivenor. They’re going to help set up the event and marshaling the entire weekend, so you know you will be in safe hands.

More importantly, the event will be raising funds for the White Line Fever program that helps young people in the South West who need support and encouragement when they don’t have an academic future ahead of them. I’m sure you will agree this is a worthy cause. Last year the 4×4 on Exmoor Event raised over £6000 for the same charity. By coming to the event you will not only be helping the local Exmoor economy but also the local farmers and tourist industries in the area. Couple this with good food, company and glorious scenery and you have an enjoyable weekend for all the family.

The Event will have two tasks that you can take part in. The first is called The Jaunt which comprises of off-road sections of varying difficulty that’s suitable for families and all skill ranges. There’s nothing too challenging on The Jaunt but they’ve thrown in a couple of surprises to make it interestingly challenging. Most types of 4×4 like Defenders, Freelanders & Range Rovers are welcome but children who insist on joining in on the ride will have to be in a road legal seat with belts!

The Second is called The Challenge which is more demanding than The Jaunt. Here you will need reasonable skills, at least 1 winch per team and you should expect some light damage or scratches to your 4×4 vehicle. Children over the age of 12 are welcome!

To register your vehicle for the event will set you back £150 and you will you need to have raised at least £300 in sponsorship money per vehicle. It’s a non-competitive event so your normal insurance should cover you but to be on the safe side they recommend you let your insurers know before you take part. The event itself has public liability insurance and permission from the local landowners.

2013 is shaping up to be a great event and spaces are going fast so be sure to call 01392 832 747 or visit their website if you want more information.

It looks set to be another great weekend of fun that raises money for a superb cause.

Known the world over for their high quality Land Rover accessories, Terrafirma can be trusted to add and improve to your Land Rover with every product they put onto the market. And, as we are official distributors for Terrafirma, you can find their extensive list of products on our website, here.

The latest product to arrive to us is their wide wheel arch kits for Land Rover Defender, Discovery 1, Disco 2 and the Range Rover Classic models.

Here’s what they have to say about them, “Made from almost indestructible vacuum formed plastic the fantastic looking Terrafirma wide wheel arches are a full 2 inches wider than the original, keeping your Land Rover legal when fitted with bigger tyres, not to mention helping to keep the mud off the bodywork.

“They are extremely straight forward to fit, simply line up the new wheel arches against the bodywork above where the originals used to be, mark the screw holes then drill and fix. The kit comes complete with all screws, plastic screw caps and edging strips.

“To facilitate the fitment of larger diameter tyres to Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classics wide wheel arch kits are available for both 3 and 5 door models that enable the body work to be trimmed behind to open up the original arches providing the clearance needed. These arches are a full 2 inches wide, covering wider tyres.

“Cutting the bodywork on a Discovery 2 is far less likely hence Terrafirma offers a 2 inch wide wheel arch protector kit that follows the original bodywork and like the Defender requires no body trimming.”

The parts below are available to buy from Brookwells, click the part number to go their page for more info.

TF110 – 2 Inches Wider Than Standard – Defender Screw Fix (No Cutting Required)

TF113 – 2 Inch Wheel Arches 3 Door – Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic Screw Fix (Cutting Required)

TF114 – 2″ Wheel Arches 5 Door – Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic Screw Fix (Cutting Required)

TF115 – 2″ Wheel Arches – DISCOVERY 2 Screw Fix (No Cutting Required)

This year a 4×4 and vintage spares day is being held in Skipton at the Skipton Auction Mart on the 31st of March. Its Europe’s biggest 4×4 and vintage auto jumble which has already called in at Malvern and has additional stops at Newbury on the 7th of April and the 6th of October. It then returns to Skipton on the 22nd October.

Previous events have contained over 600 traders and had visitors from all over Europe. At the event you will be able to buy and/or sell 4×4 spares, land rover parts, ex-military vehicle spares, new vehicle parts and obsolete stock. You will of course be able to get your hands on Vintage spares that include tractor parts, agrijumble tools, farm memorabilia, clear outs and lorry parts.

If you’re interested in being a trader at the event or want to book standard tickets you can download a booking form from HERE. If you’re a seller costs vary depending on the size of your vehicle & trailer but if you just want to attend and browse then an adults tickets is just £4 (£6.50 for the Newbury event)

Cars, 4×4’s & small vans £20 4×4 with trailers & large vans £25 Lorry’s £35

For directions you can look at the event HERE:

We’ve got good news Land Rover fans – more great, new products from Terrafirma!

They’ve been working on extending their already impressive range, which can be found here and as official distributors, we’ve taken delivery of their latest treat off the production line, “Big Bore Expedition Shocks.”

They say, “Heavy trucks need heavy suspension, Terrafirma has developed the Big Bore Expedition shock specifically for fully laden Land Rovers such as overland and utility vehicles. The Big Bore Expedition shocks are designed to handle the battering experienced when travelling over rough terrain while providing stability and control with top heavy vehicles at both low and high speed.

The Big Bore “Expedition shock is built for strength and reliability. Everything about The Big Bore Expedition shock is massive with its 76mm diameter body, 50mm piston and of course Terrafirma’s super strong 20mm double chromed shaft. The fully welded mounting points and the natural rubber bushes are the largest possible to fit Land Rovers original mounting points. To ensure the largest diameter shock body could be used the front shock absorber is built without a dust shield and they are available in standard travel and +2 inches (50mm) to suit the widest range of applications for this shock.

“The massive 76mm shock body provides ample capacity for the high performance oil necessary to keep the internal workings cool while maintaining high damping performance even when combined with the high spring rates required to carry very heavy loads.

“Coincidentally fitting the Big Bore Expedition shocks to a light or un-laden Land Rover gives a firm, sporty handling characteristic often sought after by the more performance orientated driver.”

These shocks fit, Defenders (90, 110 and 130) Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic. 

Click the part numbers to go their page on our website.

Front – TF129

Rear –TF130

Front +2inches – TF123

Rear +2inches – TF124

Here at Brookwell Towers we’ve been formulating a plan, it’s not quite ready yet, but here’s a heads up…

We would like to see your pictures of anything Brookwells related being put to the most interesting use, or spotted in the most exotic location! It follows on from this great picture we were sent last year of Guy Cashmore’s dog, Jessica, who found a new home in one of our boxes!


Jessica's new home!

There will a big prize (still to be decided) for the most imaginative/amusing/practical or exotic Brookwells related picture, but don’t all rush at once! Take your time and have a think as we’ll officially be launching this sometime later this month and you could win anything from Land Rover parts and spares to Terrafirma products or maybe even a gift voucher.

Colin Harvey