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Here are the Sparco R100 seats which we have recently put into stock, they are a great looking rally style seat which give good support around your back and hips so are perfect for off roading in your Defender.

We can supply you with all you need to fit them into your Land Rover Defender hard top, soft top and even into a truck cab with a bit of a squeeze. They are not recommend for truck cab models because they are quite tall but as you can see from the pictures below they will fit, they’re a bit tight if you’re a big guy or still have the original steering wheel though so beware!

You can tailor the package as you require by buying the seats, runners and mounting kits separately so you can fit a pair of seats with removable or fixed bases as required. We have found the most popular combination has been 2x seats and 2x runners with 1x removable base for the driver’s side so you can still get to the battery and 1x fixed base for the passenger side.

One of our good customers has just fitted them to his truck cab Td5 90 that he has transformed from an old farm truck into this beauty using parts from Brookwells and is looking great;

Sparco R100 Seat TD5 90

There are loads of colour options available: Black Leatherette, Black/Blue fabric, Black/Grey fabric, Black/Black fabric and Black/Red fabric so there should be a colour option to fit your vehicle.

They can be used with 3 or 4 point harnesses if you want to fit them in your Winch Challenge truck or off-roader but are also ideal for your standard Defender if you would just like a bit more comfort. Because they have nice low side bolsters it is still easy to get in and out of your truck unlike some of the old Cobra bucket seats that you had to literally climb in and out of.

We have them in our shop to test so if you would like to come and have a look and try them out please do, they can also be found here on our website

Days after the last product news from Exmoor Trim, we’ve just received more – and very exciting news at that! Brand new Premium Modular Front Seats to fit Land Rover Defenders based on the styling of the commemorative LXV model.

Most Defenders live a hard life, chugging away on farmland, rally courses, plantations, icy peaks and everything in between, but a lucky few live the life of Riley. And for those, these premium modular seats are the perfect addition from the world’s leading Land Rover trim manufacturer – Exmoor Trim. These seats come at a price that their luxury and style befits, starting at £855 +VAT each.

The seats shown below are EXT301PREM-LXV on the left and on the right, EXT301PREM-XSLRBK


Exmoor Trim say, “Our premium range of Modular seating gives unrivalled levels of comfort and support with the iconic look of the Modern LXV Defender. These are available in the range listed here with the bespoke tailored Leather finish of the Exmoor Trim Signature range. All seats are available with the option of Exmoor or OEM heaters and pneumatic lumbers for added comfort. They come with a large rear pocket and, as standard, removable base for access below the seat.”

These seats are handmade to order and therefore there would be a delay on any any order placed to delivery as these high class products are made by Exmoor’s fine craftsmen and women.

The seats shown below are; EXT301PREM-G4 (left) and  EXT301PREM-XSLRB on the right.

getimgCAJ1P3QH getimgCALT156F

And these seats are as safe as they are classy and comfy. Along with many of the other high-quality features you’d expect from an ET product they are Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) Mark 1 impact tested and approved from the Millbrook Testing Ground. And there’s an Approved worldwide certification with every seat.

Also available in Exmoor Trim’s Premium Range – the Premium Cubby box EXT015PREM as shown below in the “XSLRBK” trim. You can personalise yours with the trim of your choice to match your seating. We’ve only just received news about the availability of these seats and cubby boxes so are waiting for more images and info – keep you eyes peeled either by checking back here or searching for Brookwells across all forms of social media. And of course there is also their new Fixed Seat Riser (EXT010-5RH and EXT010-5LH) for added comfort and legroom which you can find out about here.

Premium Modular front seat for Defenders with Premium Cubby Box

Premium Modular front seats for Defenders with accompanying Premium Cubby Box from Exmoor Trim.

Please be advised that all items shown in the above image are SOLD SEPARATELY. 

As with every single order that leaves our depot, the greatest care is made to ensure that whatever you purchase gets to you in pristine condition as it should – and you can rest assured the same will happen with these market leading seats. For anything else you require, or any questions you have about this or any other Landy product, feel free to contact us for more details on 01626 833848 or