Police in Derbyshire start the fight-back against Land Rover theft

Posted on: April 25, 2013

At last there’s some good news regarding Land Rover theft. Following a number of robberies in the Derbyshire area, the local police force have launched an initiative to raise awareness about the issue, give advice and managed to recover two suspicious vehicles.

Three vehicles were seized in the operation last Sunday, with two suspected of being stolen and a last confiscated for reasons unrelated to theft.

Police Land Rover Discovery

Police Land Rover Discovery

There has been an alarming rise in Land Rover theft, particularly Defenders in recent years, as the vehicles are of high value compared to how easy they can be to steal and various police forces have indicated that they are being used to carry out ram raids or sold off for parts.

Officers also gave out free SmartWater marking kits to motorists to help them reduce the risk of their vehicles being targeted by thieves.

The forensic based security fluid also helps to increase the chances of police recovering any stolen vehicles or parts.

Sergeant Aidan Stones, from the Derbyshire force, said: “During the operation we stopped 4×4 drivers and spoke to the owners about the recent thefts, particularly around Land Rovers.

“We offered information on how they can keep their vehicle secure, handed out free marking kits and advised about the importance of sourcing any parts they buy responsibly.”

Sgt. Stones added: “The day was really successful and enquiries will now be carried out into those vehicles which were recovered.

“I would ask local residents to continue to support us by reporting any suspicious activity around vehicles and to contact police or Crimestoppers if they have any information about these thefts or crime in the area.”

Unfortunately the problem isn’t restricted to one area of the UK, reports today from East Sussex and Kent are included in what the BBC are calling a “Land Rover crime spree” and Land Rover owners are reminded to stay vigilant.

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