Land Rover Install Satellite Radio

Posted on: July 13, 2005

Sirius Satellite Radio announced yesterday that Land Rover will be offering Sirius Radio as a factory-installed option in the 2006 models of Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. Additional features will include an installed head unti which displays artist, song title and category when playing. There will also be a touch screen to enhance driver control.

Sirius Radio currently broadcasts throughout the Continental United States, and it in unclear as to whether British models will have an option for Satellite Radio, or indeed if a suitable Satellite Radio broadcaster is available in the UK. Despite the fact that we might not have access to this particular extra in the British Isles, it does however indicate a promising move towards further customising the Range Rover models, moving with technology to keep them the fore-most in their genre.

For those of us in America, Sirius broadcasts more than 120 channels of commercial-free music, talk shows, news, information and sports programming for a monthly subscription of $12.95. Land Rover are offering the installed system for $400 with discounts to the subscriptions paid up for a year or more.

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