Land Rover Armored Range Rover Vogue

Posted on: March 26, 2007

Land Rover has been designing a fully armoured Range Rover Vogue which is designed to protect the vehicle occupants from machine gun and hand grenade fire. The Range Rover Vogue Security Vehicle can be driven on any terrain and can even be driven through gates or walls.

The new Vogue was designed by Land Rover Special Vehicles and is the first Land Rover Security Vehicle to go into production. There will be four levels of security that the Land Rover can be purchased with. The first three levels of security offer protection against hand gun, assault rifle and high velocity rifle. The fourth level of security offers protection against armour piercing to European B6 standards. It can also withstand attack from NATO 7.62 ball rounds.

Even the floors of the vehicles are designed to protect the vehicle occupants and should withstand two grenades rolled into the path of the vehicle. The tyres are the run flat tyres which means even if the tyres are shot, the vehicle can still get away. The glass is plasma cut and is 40mm thick and is one of the only clues that the vehicle is an armoured vehicle.

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