Posted on: February 11, 2015

The new KAM Differentials electronic locking differential. ‘The Drop in Locker’

 The KAM ‘Drop in Locker’ has the simplest operating system of any switchable diff lock, no compressor, complicated wiring loom or air lines. 2 wires and an illuminated dash mounted switch is all that is required. The uncomplicated switch arrangement also means the ‘Drop in Locker’ is the fastest switchable diff lock to install, no cutting or welding is required. A simple drilled and tapped hole for the electrical cable gland is the only machining operation that is required. A competent DIY mechanic should take no more than a few hours to completely install a KAM ‘Drop in Locker’ from start to finish. No special oils are required and service parts such as bolts and bearings are all the same as Land Rover original.

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