Diary of a Defender Rebuild: Truck Cab to County – Part 3

Posted on: September 2, 2013

Another couple of weeks of tinkering, hammering and perseverance have passed so it’s time for the latest update on our featured Defender rebuild. In part 2 the wheels, brakes, calipers, shocks and pipes had gone in. So where are we now?

If you missed the last installment, you can take a look by clicking here.

And as you can see from the photo below, the engine is now in place, looking superb on all the reconditioned and refurbished bits and bobs, but that’s only half the story.

Andy the Landy, James' Defender Rebuild Now Has The Engine in place

Andy the Landy, James’ Defender Rebuild Now Has The Engine in place

James starts with his good news, “The new super Griffin Exhaust has gone on, and ‘wow‘, can’t wait to start it. The ‘Roverdrive‘ overdrive was fitted which was very straight forward, having a rolling chassis does make these jobs a lot easier.” And as you can see below, the TD5 engine is also doubles up as a make-shift table!

James says, “The engine and gearbox have gone back in, with new flywheel and clutch supplied by Brookwells. Then we started on the engine loom and the hoses, which I have replaced as most of the coolant hoses had gone hard and brittle so as a precaution I decided to replace, again, from Brookwells.”

The Defender's TD5 engine also doubles up as a table

The Defender’s TD5 engine also doubles up as a table

But while all of the above seemingly went smoothly, as you’d expect there were a few more gremlins in the pipeline for our tamed Landy enthusiast. “Few nightmares have come around,” James admits, “The chassis wiring loom had some continuity issues when checked, so I stripped it down and it became apparent that some of the wires had fallen apart inside the loom, and as the copper had gone black we couldn’t repair it.”

James Roverdrive overdrive for his TD5 Defender

James ‘Roverdrive’ overdrive for his TD5 Defender

James concluded that the Defender must have been exposed to salt somewhere along the line. “So rebuilding it, well that didn’t fill me with joy,” He revealed, “And as the TD5 has different connectors I thought – ‘Help!!‘ So, after talking to Dan at Brookwells and having to lie down at the cost doubled with the fact that there aren’t any around, I thought ‘second hand‘, but I did worry about what condition they would be in. Thankfully Dan got back to me to tell me he had sourced one and it would be here with 2 weeks, so choice made, I fitted it the other night.”

Andy the Landy's Bulkhead is in position

Andy the Landy’s Bulkhead is in position

“The bulkhead, as shown above, returned from paint, so went straight on, and is now to start the refitting and parts refurb process. The major hold up at the min is the bulkhead people galvanized some parts and have mislaid some rear tub parts, so as that came back this week it will be fitted once the parts find there way back in some way shape or form.”

It’s clear from the pictures in this blog that things are really starting to come together now, we’re a bit behind James in his progress so we’ll try and catch up a bit – keep your eyes peeled for another update soon.

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