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NAS Defender 90/110 Parts Spares & Accessories

Welcome to our North American Specification (NAS) Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 parts homepage. Simply choose the engine and year of your vehicle on our easy navigation tool on the left to find the NAS spares and accessories you're after.


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N.A.S Defender 90 & 110  parts, spares and accessories

N.A.S Defender 90 & 110 parts, spares and accessories

A small number of NAS (North American Specification) Defenders were introduced to the United States and Canada in 1993.


The first batch of 500 110s were followed by a wider range of Land Rover Defenders in following years which were specially adapted and modified to meet US specification, and are highly collectable.


An external roll cage, side steps, roof rack, front bumper and a tweaked lighting set up (all as standard) are the most notable external changes to the N.A.S from the version available across the world.


Land Rover's excursion into the North American market didn't last long as increasingly strict motoring regulations led to the company halting their official selling of the Defender after just five years.


So, if you're lucky enough to own any of these NAS Defenders you can get everything you need from Brookwells - your one-stop-shop for Land Rover parts and accessories.


Such a vehicle needs rugged, reliable parts and accessories to keep up its appearance and performance. At Brookwells we have over 13,000 parts to do just this, and all at competitive prices. So check out our categorised online webshop on the left, which is geared just for the Defender 90 and 110 N.A.S. range.