Posted on: January 10, 2019

The Ring RIT1070 Zoom 240 Head Torch has a light output of up to 240 lumens with a colour temperature of 6000K. The optical 4 x zoom gives the option of having a focused beam of light or a wide angle light to illuminate the whole working area. ThisĀ  comfortable, lightweight torch includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery, so no need to spend money on new batteries. Includes USB to micro USB charger to recharge.

> Aluminium construction
> Up to 240 lumens torch provides bright white light
> Standard setting has wide-angle light output for total illumination
of the work area
> Optical 4x zoom for a focused beam of light to see into the
> Max power mode up to 240 lumens – 7 hours illumination time
> Max life mode up to 115 lumens – 8 hours illumination time
> Li-poly rechargeable battery, 10.36Wh
> Built in IC protection to protect battery from over charge or
> Complete with USB to Micro USB cable for convenient
> 9 hours recharge time

Product dimensions (HxWxD): 46mm x 74mm x 48mm
Weight (kg) 0.1920
Voltage 3.7
Wattage 10.36
Amps Output 2800

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