Chassis Info

Information on how to identify vehicle age using Chassis number

Occasionally when looking at parts or accessories on our website you may come accross ‘up to 1A612403 Chassis Number’ or similar, we are referring to the last 8 digits of the 17 digit chassis/vin number on your vehicle. It will read something like SALLJGMF71A612403, mostly you will just need to take note of the last 8 digits. Your vehicle chassis number can be found on your vehicle log book or will be stamped on your vehicle.

If you have any difficulty in reading your chassis number please call a member of our team on 01626 833848 who will be happy to help you.

Please note that on Defender Discovery Freelander & Range Rovers the 10th & 11th digit of the chassis number are the model year. Note: As of 2010 the digits have started over, please see below:

AA 1984 2010
BA 1985 2011
CA 1986
DA 1987
EA 1988
FA 1989
GA 1990
HA 1991
JA 1992
KA 1993
LA 1994
MA 1995
TA 1996
VA 1997
WA 1998
XA 1999
YA 2000
1A 2001
2A 2002
3A 2003
4A 2004
5A 2005
6A 2006
7A 2007
8A 2008
9A 2009

Also please remember Right Hand or Left Hand parts are as sat in the vehicle looking forward.