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Series I 86″ Style Back Full Seat Set Tygan Vinyl

The 86″ style back seats have a pressed steel internal frame that Exmoor Trim have reproduced the tooling for. These style of seats were used in the hay day of the Series I 86″. We also manufacture the mounting brackets. Hessian finish on the underside and trimmed in the correct colour vinyl with top stitched face border.

Hand built seats to be close to the originals, with internal ash frames, high density foam to reproduce the correct weight and feel of the old style Dunlopillow internal.

Made with Tygan material by Exmoor Trim which was used in Land Rover production from 1954 to 1958 and mostly used on export vehicles, Station wagons 86” & 107” (inc 88” & 109” series one).

ARB E-Z Deflator Digital Gauge

Code: ARB510

Makes tyre deflation even easier

The ARB E-Z Deflator Digital Gauge makes tyre deflation even easier thanks to accuracy of up to +/-1psi @ 15-75psi, a large digital read out with blue backlight display as well as multiple pressure readouts including PSI, BAR, KPA and KgF.

> Ribbed rubber gauge guard
> Flexible braided hose
> Full swivel gauge connection
> Rated capacity – 0 to 200psi
> Multiple pressure scales
> Large LCD Digital Readout
> Easy read blue backlight display
> Brass components and crimps
> Up to 200hrs battery life

Available in UK only

Defender heavy-duty axles are a straight replacement for your existing axles and offer substancial protection.

  • CNC Cut
  • Exact Replacement
  • 6-10mm Steel
  • Powder coated
  • Heavy-duty mounts

Defender heavy-duty axles are a straight replacement for your existing axles and offer substancial protection.

  • CNC Cut
  • Exact Replacement
  • 6-10mm Steel
  • Powder coated
  • Heavy-duty mounts

Defender heavy-duty axles are a straight replacement for your existing axles and offer substancial protection.

  • CNC Cut
  • Exact Replacement
  • 6-10mm Steel
  • Powder coated
  • Heavy-duty mounts

AlliSport uprated high output heater matrix for the late Defender. This fits the late model, right hand drive (including some LHD NAS Spec) Defender,  but please check your application before ordering! Larger matrix has twice the capacity of standard, increases heat output and improves windscreen demisting times. The cores are the highest quality vacuum brazed designs with louvred fins and TIG welded by hand. Only requires some small mods to the heater box to install.
Not suitable for Puma 2.4 and 2.2 vehicles.

As you can probably tell the Ice Warrior doesn’t get used in anger for serious off roading or winching duties very often so when we got an emergency call from the boss the other day requesting it’s presence to winch a wood chipper up a 45 degree slope I didn’t need asking twice! We grabbed some recovery gear i.e winch pulley block (WIN7750), tree strop (ZBS1817) and two bow shackles (ZBS2073) to aid in the recovery.

Ice Warrior Winching 5

Firstly we placed the tree strop around the tree so as not to damage it with the winch rope and placed the 4.75T tested bow shackle through the loops so we could attach the Superwinch pulley block.

Ice Warrior Winching 4

Ice Warrior Winching 3

Ice Warrior Winching

Then we ran the rope up the hill, through the pulley block and back down to the chipper. Although the chipper didn’t look very big it was definitely heavy enough that you wouldn’t want to push it up a 45 degree slope so the winch was a very welcome accessory!

Ice Warrior Winching 2

Needless to say the Superwinch Talon 9,500lb (WIN1695211) winch fitted with plasma rope pulled it up the hill with ease, in fact I’m not even sure it knew it was there!

FullSizeRender (4)

The winch impressed me so much that I had to buy one myself! I have bought the Superwinch Tiger Shark 9,500lb to fit into my Defender winch bumper so please see our next blog for a full fitting guide.

All of the products mentioned in our blog are available to purchase from our online shop, just put the part numbers listed into our search engine facility and press go or if you have any enquiries drop us an email to or call us on 01626 833848.

Superwinch are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of winches and here at Brookwells, we are proud to be official distributors of their full range which includes the TalonTiger Shark, and Husky winches. 



And to round up our series of Superwinch blogs, this time we look at their top winching safety tips.

“There are a few basic rules that should be adhered to when attempting to use a winch,” they say. So, here are some things to think about before, during and after operating your winch:


Time spent on preparation is time well spent: Is the equipment compatible with the winch being used? Is the equipment suitable for the application? All winching equipment, strops, shackles, pulley blocks and any other kit should be checked for any damage.

Waiting until the winch is about to be used in anger before checking the winch equipment is a sure recipe for disaster.

NOTE: Always have heavy-duty gloves available to be used when winching or handling winching equipment, wire ropes etc, these gloves must be in good condition.


When handling wire ropes, always wear heavy-duty gloves.

Wire ropes can be dangerous if not handled correctly, examine wire ropes for any signs of wear or damage frequently, before, during and after winching.

If a wire rope sustains damage, other than damage received due to wear, the cause is most likely incorrect usage or abuse.

If a wire rope sustains damage, it should be replaced.

A wire rope is said to be “live” when both ends of the rope are fixed, one end to the winch, the other end to the load, If both ends of a wire rope cannot be seen the wire rope must be assumed to be “live”.

Never step over a “live” wire rope, even if the rope is laying on the ground, to get to the other side of a “live” wire rope, if the rope is slack, step on the wire rope. If the rope should go taut it may push you off, if you are astride a wire rope and it goes taut, you could be in serious trouble. If the rope is under tension, wait until winching has stopped or until the rope is slack before walking around the vehicle.

If guiding a slack wire rope onto the winch drum, when rewinding slack rope, do not let the rope slide through your hands, use the “hand over hand” method and keep hands a minimum of one meter away from the winch

Before winching, make sure there are at least five wraps of wire rope on the rope drum and that the wire rope is neat and not loose.


Before using the winch, if more than one person is involved, decide who does what. Winching with two or three people giving instructions to the winch operator is not only time consuming it is also extremely dangerous.

When winching use hand signals, with the engine running and people at a distance from the winch operator, shouted instructions may not be heard or may be misunderstood. Decide a system of hand signals that everyone will understand at a distance. The hand signals required will be: Winch in – Winch out – Inch – Stop winching. These hand signals should be simple and easily understood at a distance.

If the winch freespool mechanism has been used, to pull wire rope from the winch drum, make sure that the freespool is fully engaged before starting to winch.

When the wire rope has been fixed to the load, or anchor, take up the slack by inching, (running the winch slowly or in short bursts); check that the hook, or fixing, is secure and that the wire rope is wound neatly onto the rope drum before starting to winch.

If the load is too heavy for the winch a pulley block may be utilised to relieve the load on the winch. A pulley block will reduce the load on the winch by approximately 40% and the winch will pull the load at half winch speed.

Also a pulley block can be used to change the direction of the wire rope to achieve a better fleet angle, the angle that the wire rope approaches the winch drum.

Inspect the winching area, is there an anchor? Is the anchor strong enough to take the load? Is a pulley block required? Is the winching line clear? This is most important when attempting self-recovery, without inspecting the area you could pull yourself into a more difficult or dangerous position!

Any onlookers must be in a safe place and at a safe distance. Whilst using the winch get to know the sound of the winch, this will enable you to tell, by ear, if the winch is being overloaded. If the winch sounds as if it is being overloaded, stop winching and identify why the winch is being overloaded, is the load too much for the winch?

Can the winching vehicle be repositioned to achieve a better winching line? Is there an obstruction in the way? If the load is too much for the winch it may be necessary to use a pulley block.

Remember, with proper inspection of the winching site and correct preparation of the equipment, there should be no reason why the winching operation will not proceed smoothly, efficiently and most importantly, safely.

So that rounds up our series of blogs from Superwinch, the other two can be found on the news sections of our website. Special thanks to Superwinch for providing the information.

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Superwinch are undoubtedly one of the leading winch manufacturers anywhere in the world and, here at Brookwells, we are proud to be official distributors of their full range which includes the TalonTiger Shark, and Husky winches to name just a few. 

(To find out more about the winches listed above, click on their name and their page on our website will open in a new web browser window.)

If you are familiar to winches, you will already be well aware of the extremely high global reputation that Superwinch’s products demand. If you’re not however, take a look at the second of our three blogs from Superwinch outlining what they believe to be the “theory of winching” and you’ll get a feel of the extraordinary level of passion and expertise they display in their field.

So, hopefully you paid attention in maths at school because it’s finally going to come in useful! Here, Superwinch explain how to work out if your winch is suitable for the load you’re attempting to pull and how the conditions/gradient will affect the chances of success. This theory will try and help you to avoid biting off more than you can chew while helping you to prevent breaking/wearing out your prized winch.


For winching purposes the resistance to motion of a wheeled vehicle is dependent on four main factors:

  • The inherent resistance to movement of the vehicle.
  • The total weight of the vehicle.
  • The nature of the surface to be crossed.
  • The gradient up which the vehicle is to be moved.

The ground surface and gradient the load is to be moved over will affect the effort required to move the load, the approximate surface resistance is as follows:

  • Hard Road: 0.04 times vehicle weight.
  • Grass: 0.145 times vehicle weight.
  • Sand, (hard wet): 0.17 times vehicle weight.
  • Sand, (soft wet): 0.2 times vehicle weight.
  • Sand, (soft dry / loose): 0.25 times vehicle weight.
  • Gravel: 0.2 times vehicle weight.
  • Shallow Mud: 0.33 times vehicle weight.
  • Bog / Marsh: 0.5 times vehicle weight.
  • Clay: 0.5 times vehicle weight.



For practical winching purposes, gradient resistance can be taken as 1/60th of the weight of the vehicle for each degree of the slope up to 45 degrees, after 45 degrees the full weight of the vehicle should be used.

This information will allow you to calculate the approximate effort required to pull a wheeled vehicle across different surfaces and up various inclines.

In the following example we have a vehicle that weighs 2.0 tonnes, the surface is gravel and the incline is 15 degrees.


(Gradient×Weight)÷60=(15×2,000)÷60=500 kg


Weight×Surface Resistance=2,000×0.2=400 kg

In this example the effort needed to pull this vehicle up this incline and upon this surface will be: 500kg+400kg=900kg

NOTE: This figure is approximate and should be used as a guide,  there are many factors which may affect the resistance of a load to move, tyre pressures, surface irregularities, some surfaces react differently when wet etc.

So there it is! Once you’ve got your head around it, it all makes sense (eventually!) and coming from the industry leaders, it’s definitely worth taking note.

If you’re off Greenlaning this weekend, or at any point in the future, it’s well worth taking note of the surface resistant factors (shallow mud, bog/marsh and clay in particular) if you need to do some quick “on the back of a fag packet” calculations which could well save you a few bob on keeping your winch in tip-top condition.

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