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Brookwells will be attending the Adventure Overland Show in Stratford-upon-Avon next weekend 24th-25th September and we would love to meet you.

If you need any parts for your Land Rover or other Overland vehicle then this show is the one to visit. Not only will there be loads of trade stands there but also many Overland vehicles of all shapes and sizes to make your mouth water and inspire your next modification or build whether on 2 wheels, 4 or even 6!

So please do come and say hi to us on our stand if you are attending, it would be great to see you.

Justin and Crew!

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Our featured Land Rover Defender rebuild Andy the Landy is set to star in next month’s Land Rover Owner Magazine after the makeover has been completed after plenty of blood, sweat and probably even a few tears along the way!

Andy the Landy - Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Andy the Landy – Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

We first started cataloguing the progression of Andy, a black (on the outside) and green (in some of the harder-to-reach places on the inside!) truck-cab Defender with a TD5 engine that looked pretty handsome on the outside but … you may have guessed, with a few gremlins on the inside.

Andy the Landy - Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Andy the Landy – Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Our intrepid Landy Lover James set about completely rebuilding the 90′ with the remit of “No more rust” which meant one hell of an overhaul. A brand spanking new built to order galvanised chassis from our supplier and dozens of parts later, Andy started to take shape into the fine specimen of a vehicle pictured here.

Andy the Landy - Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Andy the Landy – Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

As you can imagine with a rebuild deadlines came and went September 2013 was the original target but we’re sure you agree all the hard work has been well worth it.

Brookwells man Dan (who probably spent more time in contact with James during the rebuild than James’ other half!) was on the scene of the official shoot to capture some sneaky peak pictures for us to use.

Andy the Landy - Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Andy the Landy – Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

The all-singing-all-dancing snaps will be in next month’s edition of Land Rover Owner Magazine, out October 8

We’ve seen them and Andy looks majestic out on the open road so make sure you head out to your local shop – or wait patiently by the letter box – to find out more about James’ experience and see if you can work up the courage to create your very own dream Landy.

If you want to see some of the early stages of Andy’s rebuild simply type in “Defender rebuild” into the search bar on the top right of your browser and select the article you want from the bar on the right hand side.

We are delighted to announce that with your help we managed to raise over £250 by Ramping Up The Red for the British Heart Foundation.

Brookwells Ramp Up The Red for the British Heart Foundation

Our customers have surpassed themselves and we’ve been able to collect more than we had thought imaginable, yet again.

On Friday the 7th of February our master chefs got to work and cooked up another storm producing a fantastic array of delicious cakes.

Brookwells Ramp Up The Red for the British Heart Foundation

And our customers chipped in to buy them and raise some money for a very good cause in their droves.

Organiser Debbie was absolutely delighted to be able to raise such a handsome sum.

Debbie said: “The day went very well, Leu did excellent on her van run around Torbay and the South Hams, and the boys did well on the Exeter run.

Brookwells Ramp Up The Red for the British Heart Foundation

“Because it was only one day we were not expecting to raise a lot, we sent cakes to some of our customers such as Roger Young, Mike Harding, Exmoor Trim and some to our Plymouth branch.

“We had cakes and sweets on the counter in our branches as well as on our vans to our numerous trade customers across the South West.

Brookwells Ramp Up The Red for the British Heart Foundation

“With all the money now collected I’m delighted to say that we managed to raise a fantastic £255.00! Didn’t we do well.”

Indeed, but as always we couldn’t have done it without our loyal customers so it’s a BIG THANK YOU From everyone at Brookwells to our customers for helping us to raise so much money again.

Days after the last product news from Exmoor Trim, we’ve just received more – and very exciting news at that! Brand new Premium Modular Front Seats to fit Land Rover Defenders based on the styling of the commemorative LXV model.

Most Defenders live a hard life, chugging away on farmland, rally courses, plantations, icy peaks and everything in between, but a lucky few live the life of Riley. And for those, these premium modular seats are the perfect addition from the world’s leading Land Rover trim manufacturer – Exmoor Trim. These seats come at a price that their luxury and style befits, starting at £855 +VAT each.

The seats shown below are EXT301PREM-LXV on the left and on the right, EXT301PREM-XSLRBK


Exmoor Trim say, “Our premium range of Modular seating gives unrivalled levels of comfort and support with the iconic look of the Modern LXV Defender. These are available in the range listed here with the bespoke tailored Leather finish of the Exmoor Trim Signature range. All seats are available with the option of Exmoor or OEM heaters and pneumatic lumbers for added comfort. They come with a large rear pocket and, as standard, removable base for access below the seat.”

These seats are handmade to order and therefore there would be a delay on any any order placed to delivery as these high class products are made by Exmoor’s fine craftsmen and women.

The seats shown below are; EXT301PREM-G4 (left) and  EXT301PREM-XSLRB on the right.

getimgCAJ1P3QH getimgCALT156F

And these seats are as safe as they are classy and comfy. Along with many of the other high-quality features you’d expect from an ET product they are Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) Mark 1 impact tested and approved from the Millbrook Testing Ground. And there’s an Approved worldwide certification with every seat.

Also available in Exmoor Trim’s Premium Range – the Premium Cubby box EXT015PREM as shown below in the “XSLRBK” trim. You can personalise yours with the trim of your choice to match your seating. We’ve only just received news about the availability of these seats and cubby boxes so are waiting for more images and info – keep you eyes peeled either by checking back here or searching for Brookwells across all forms of social media. And of course there is also their new Fixed Seat Riser (EXT010-5RH and EXT010-5LH) for added comfort and legroom which you can find out about here.

Premium Modular front seat for Defenders with Premium Cubby Box

Premium Modular front seats for Defenders with accompanying Premium Cubby Box from Exmoor Trim.

Please be advised that all items shown in the above image are SOLD SEPARATELY. 

As with every single order that leaves our depot, the greatest care is made to ensure that whatever you purchase gets to you in pristine condition as it should – and you can rest assured the same will happen with these market leading seats. For anything else you require, or any questions you have about this or any other Landy product, feel free to contact us for more details on 01626 833848 or

We’ve just received another stylish yet sturdy product for Land Rovers, new seat risers from Exmoor Trim. Replacing the old risers, the new design are made from 2.5mm steel for maximum strength with a black graphite finish and come complete with fittings and instructions as imaged.

Land Rover Seat Risers from Exmoor TrimLand Rover Seat Risers from Exmoor Trim

Brand new style seat risers from Exmoor Trim, available now from Brookwells. Click image to enlarge. 

The updated look now includes elements of the new-style Land Rover grille on the design which creates a contemporary look. “They are now available as either left hand or right hand and are simply installed beneath your existing seat runners to give extra space between steering wheel and seat back ideal for taller drivers.” Exmoor Trim explain, “They’re quick and easy to install with 3 positions to bolt your seat too each position giving increased legroom to the driver or passenger with exceptional seating posture and seat travel.”


“The raised outer side gives extra protection to the seat runner from damage.
These can be used with centre seat or centre box fitted. EXT010-5RH for the drivers or right hand seat and EXT010-5LH for the passenger or left hand seat are a big step forward and replace the outgoing EXT010-5,” Of which there are a handful left if you still want to get hold of some, alternatively you can call us on 01626 833848.


Prices start at £58.00 (plus VAT) each and are available to order immediately from us here at Brookwells. Make sure you act now to avoid the rush when adverts hit the Land Rover Magazines! We supply the full range of Exmoor Trim products so if there’s anything you can’t find on our website or any enquiries feel free to contact us on the number above and we’d be happy to help.

All the latest products from Exmoor Trim are always available here at Brookwells and we’ve got another one fresh off the production line – Premium High Back Rear Seats for 109″ Land Rover Series II & III, and Defender models with 110″ wheel bases.

They can be bought as a set, as shown below, with the left side, right side and central seat provided together, or they can be bought individually to suit your needs. We are proud to be official distributors for Exmoor Trim and our dedicated Exmoor section on our website can be found here.

The trim shown on the seats above is “XS Black Rack”


Key features of these versatile and tough seats:

  • Tested to meet all regulation standards
  • Child seat SAFE
  • Extra leg room
  • Rear storage pockets
  • Individual  Seat back adjustment
  • Adjustable twin stalk removable headrest
  • Fold down seat backs
  • Configuration options
  • Easy to install

Exmoor Trim, the world renound Land Rover trim specialists say, “These new style high back seats come with all the hardware you need to install and could not be easier to fit with all the under body mounting plates once you have removed your old seats. The seats utilise the existing second row seat belt configuration so there is no need to adapt your belts, unless you are upgrading a puma defender then new stalks and centre belt will be required.


The seats are Impact Tested at Millbrook Testing Ground under a 20G impact over a 0.9 of a second crash simulation (which is quite severe). The seats passed forward and rear impact testing without fault or distortion. The seats are supplied with full certification and test certificates.


The new design is approved for child seating from booster seats to 0 to 6 months and 6 months onwards. The design shape of the seat has been specifically developed to hold a child restrain in place and the seats backs are all individually adjustable with a recliner action. The seats are not isofix compatible.

The headrests are easily removable and all 3 seats are supplied with headrests.


One of the key features of these seats is the adaptations in use, for instance you can safely install just 2 outer seats only and allow access through the centre to the rear seats or simply just install one. All these seats are available as either left hand outer, centre & right hand outer. The seats are also very supportive and extremely comfortable for long journeys.

These options make the seats very versatile and offer increased leg room and good head height with the ability to fold the seat backs down flat against the base if you require extra space for loading larger items (you may need to remove the headrests depending on your front seat position).

With only 2 seats installed fitting of a centre storage box is a great idea or simply leaving a gap for rear access is great with 2 of our rear Lock & Fold seats that compliment these offering a huge improvement in rear passenger safety especially where children are seated and easy access.”

These amazing seats, which offer unrivalled comfort and durability, are made to order and therefore we aren’t stocking any of the wide range of trims at the moment. We take a weekly delivery from Exmoor Trim on a Thursday and we can normally get whatever you’re after within a seven day window.

The full list of trims available for these seats are:

  • Black Leather
  • Black Span Mondus
  • Black Vinyl
  • Caviar
  • Dark Grey Vinyl
  • Denim Twill
  • Diamond XS
  • Diamond Black XS
  • Diamond Red XS
  • Diamond White XS
  • Land Rover Logo Black
  • Land Rover Logo Brown
  • Moorland
  • Neptune
  • Outlast Black Canvas
  • Rayleigh
  • Techno
  • XS black rack
And if there’s anything else you need for your Land Rover, be it spares or accessories, you can get it from us. If what you’re after isn’t on our website yet, simply drop us an email to or call our UK helpline on 01626 833848 and we’ll be happy to help wherever you are in the world and whatever you need.