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Britpart have recently introduced a new range of heavy duty galvanised chassis for Defender 110 Td5 and 300Tdi vehicles.


They are manufactured to original plans with 3, 4 and 8mm steel and thicker steel is used in high stress areas rather than lamination meaning the chassis is considerably stronger in those areas.

The frame is then hot galvanised which a quality durable finish, they are then fitted with additional inspection holes in the legs etc so the chassis can be cleaned out and or easily waxoyld to give long term protection.

If you are interested in giving your Defender a new lease of life then please give us a call on 01626 833848 or email us on and we will get back to you.





Brookwells will be attending the Adventure Overland Show in Stratford-upon-Avon next weekend 24th-25th September and we would love to meet you.

If you need any parts for your Land Rover or other Overland vehicle then this show is the one to visit. Not only will there be loads of trade stands there but also many Overland vehicles of all shapes and sizes to make your mouth water and inspire your next modification or build whether on 2 wheels, 4 or even 6!

So please do come and say hi to us on our stand if you are attending, it would be great to see you.

Justin and Crew!

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As you can probably tell the Ice Warrior doesn’t get used in anger for serious off roading or winching duties very often so when we got an emergency call from the boss the other day requesting it’s presence to winch a wood chipper up a 45 degree slope I didn’t need asking twice! We grabbed some recovery gear i.e winch pulley block (WIN7750), tree strop (ZBS1817) and two bow shackles (ZBS2073) to aid in the recovery.

Ice Warrior Winching 5

Firstly we placed the tree strop around the tree so as not to damage it with the winch rope and placed the 4.75T tested bow shackle through the loops so we could attach the Superwinch pulley block.

Ice Warrior Winching 4

Ice Warrior Winching 3

Ice Warrior Winching

Then we ran the rope up the hill, through the pulley block and back down to the chipper. Although the chipper didn’t look very big it was definitely heavy enough that you wouldn’t want to push it up a 45 degree slope so the winch was a very welcome accessory!

Ice Warrior Winching 2

Needless to say the Superwinch Talon 9,500lb (WIN1695211) winch fitted with plasma rope pulled it up the hill with ease, in fact I’m not even sure it knew it was there!

FullSizeRender (4)

The winch impressed me so much that I had to buy one myself! I have bought the Superwinch Tiger Shark 9,500lb to fit into my Defender winch bumper so please see our next blog for a full fitting guide.

All of the products mentioned in our blog are available to purchase from our online shop, just put the part numbers listed into our search engine facility and press go or if you have any enquiries drop us an email to or call us on 01626 833848.

Here are the Sparco R100 seats which we have recently put into stock, they are a great looking rally style seat which give good support around your back and hips so are perfect for off roading in your Defender.

We can supply you with all you need to fit them into your Land Rover Defender hard top, soft top and even into a truck cab with a bit of a squeeze. They are not recommend for truck cab models because they are quite tall but as you can see from the pictures below they will fit, they’re a bit tight if you’re a big guy or still have the original steering wheel though so beware!

You can tailor the package as you require by buying the seats, runners and mounting kits separately so you can fit a pair of seats with removable or fixed bases as required. We have found the most popular combination has been 2x seats and 2x runners with 1x removable base for the driver’s side so you can still get to the battery and 1x fixed base for the passenger side.

One of our good customers has just fitted them to his truck cab Td5 90 that he has transformed from an old farm truck into this beauty using parts from Brookwells and is looking great;

Sparco R100 Seat TD5 90

There are loads of colour options available: Black Leatherette, Black/Blue fabric, Black/Grey fabric, Black/Black fabric and Black/Red fabric so there should be a colour option to fit your vehicle.

They can be used with 3 or 4 point harnesses if you want to fit them in your Winch Challenge truck or off-roader but are also ideal for your standard Defender if you would just like a bit more comfort. Because they have nice low side bolsters it is still easy to get in and out of your truck unlike some of the old Cobra bucket seats that you had to literally climb in and out of.

We have them in our shop to test so if you would like to come and have a look and try them out please do, they can also be found here on our website

After 65 years of what could be referred to as minor evolution from Series to Defender, Land Rover have taken the decision to drop the model from its range. This much loved, iconic, success story from the remnants of a once great British motor industry will be sadly missed… but wait!

We have noticed what can only be described as a landslide of orders from customers for galvanised chassis to rebuild their beloved Landy to make her invincible once more. They are not prepared to simply move to another model. If they can’t get a new Defender then they will rebuild their old one.

It is estimated that three quarters of all Series and Defender Land Rovers ever made are still running. That is a lot of Land Rovers. Unsurprisingly, we have seen a number of our garage customers gear up to do the rebuilds in an efficient manner. So if it’s too big a job for you to tackle yourself, then contact us and we’ll be happy to pass on details of the nearest specialist to you.

The benefits of using a galvanised chassis as a base are their great rustproofing qualities, the Landy’s Achilles heel. The rebuild can then go as deep as you would like. You could replace all the suspension bushes with polyurethane, you could lift the suspension or any other enhancement that you fancy.


Our friendly staff are here to advise and help you choose. Alternatively just replace all the worn standard parts with new. Which ever way you go the bottom line is the same. You end up with the vehicle of your choice fit and ready to serve you well for another lifetime.

Our featured Land Rover Defender rebuild Andy the Landy is set to star in next month’s Land Rover Owner Magazine after the makeover has been completed after plenty of blood, sweat and probably even a few tears along the way!

Andy the Landy - Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Andy the Landy – Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

We first started cataloguing the progression of Andy, a black (on the outside) and green (in some of the harder-to-reach places on the inside!) truck-cab Defender with a TD5 engine that looked pretty handsome on the outside but … you may have guessed, with a few gremlins on the inside.

Andy the Landy - Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Andy the Landy – Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Our intrepid Landy Lover James set about completely rebuilding the 90′ with the remit of “No more rust” which meant one hell of an overhaul. A brand spanking new built to order galvanised chassis from our supplier and dozens of parts later, Andy started to take shape into the fine specimen of a vehicle pictured here.

Andy the Landy - Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Andy the Landy – Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

As you can imagine with a rebuild deadlines came and went September 2013 was the original target but we’re sure you agree all the hard work has been well worth it.

Brookwells man Dan (who probably spent more time in contact with James during the rebuild than James’ other half!) was on the scene of the official shoot to capture some sneaky peak pictures for us to use.

Andy the Landy - Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

Andy the Landy – Defender to feature in Land Rover Owner Magazine

The all-singing-all-dancing snaps will be in next month’s edition of Land Rover Owner Magazine, out October 8

We’ve seen them and Andy looks majestic out on the open road so make sure you head out to your local shop – or wait patiently by the letter box – to find out more about James’ experience and see if you can work up the courage to create your very own dream Landy.

If you want to see some of the early stages of Andy’s rebuild simply type in “Defender rebuild” into the search bar on the top right of your browser and select the article you want from the bar on the right hand side.

So here we go with Part 4 of Andy the Landy’s rebuild and the end is in sight but with the early November deadline having come and gone how much work is left to do…

If you missed the last installment you can click here to have a catch up.

As you can see Andy is looking good with the rear side panels, bulkhead and seat boxes now fitted so he is beginning to look like a 90 again.

Defender rebuild now has bulkhead in place

Defender rebuild now has bulkhead in place

Behind the scenes the brakes are all plumbed in and have been bled, the heater has been rebuilt with new seals and the bulkhead air vents have now been re-fitted.

James said “the dashboard and wiring have proved to be interesting as many extra electrical accessories have been added with the extra headache of where to put it all neatly”.

Defender front and rear LED indicator stop and side lights

Defender front and rear LED indicator stop and side lights

There has been a dilemma over the lights ” I can’t make my mind up over clear LED or normal orange indicators so have borrowed some from friends to try and asked lots of people their opinion to see what to get”. Most of the bodywork is back from the body shop so once I have the spaghetti sorted I will start fitting the sides roof and doors.

Defender rebuild dashboard controls indicator switch light switch and gauges

Defender rebuild dashboard controls indicator switch light switch and gauges

“As you can see below Andy is now looking great with the freshly repainted roof and sides on, many thanks to Dan and Debbie at Brookwells for helping with the parts as I had no idea what I needed as Andy was previously a truck cab, after some careful adjustment we have got it right but the next question is, will the doors fit…?”

Defender county station wagon rebuild with terrafirma 4x4 suspension td5 engine parts

Defender county station wagon rebuild with terrafirma 4×4 suspension td5 engine parts

Andy is really starting to take shape now and next time we’ll see how the initial start up went…keep an eye on our News section and our Facebook and Twitter sites for the next instalment.

Another couple of weeks of tinkering, hammering and perseverance have passed so it’s time for the latest update on our featured Defender rebuild. In part 2 the wheels, brakes, calipers, shocks and pipes had gone in. So where are we now?

If you missed the last installment, you can take a look by clicking here.

And as you can see from the photo below, the engine is now in place, looking superb on all the reconditioned and refurbished bits and bobs, but that’s only half the story.

Andy the Landy, James' Defender Rebuild Now Has The Engine in place

Andy the Landy, James’ Defender Rebuild Now Has The Engine in place

James starts with his good news, “The new super Griffin Exhaust has gone on, and ‘wow‘, can’t wait to start it. The ‘Roverdrive‘ overdrive was fitted which was very straight forward, having a rolling chassis does make these jobs a lot easier.” And as you can see below, the TD5 engine is also doubles up as a make-shift table!

James says, “The engine and gearbox have gone back in, with new flywheel and clutch supplied by Brookwells. Then we started on the engine loom and the hoses, which I have replaced as most of the coolant hoses had gone hard and brittle so as a precaution I decided to replace, again, from Brookwells.”

The Defender's TD5 engine also doubles up as a table

The Defender’s TD5 engine also doubles up as a table

But while all of the above seemingly went smoothly, as you’d expect there were a few more gremlins in the pipeline for our tamed Landy enthusiast. “Few nightmares have come around,” James admits, “The chassis wiring loom had some continuity issues when checked, so I stripped it down and it became apparent that some of the wires had fallen apart inside the loom, and as the copper had gone black we couldn’t repair it.”

James Roverdrive overdrive for his TD5 Defender

James ‘Roverdrive’ overdrive for his TD5 Defender

James concluded that the Defender must have been exposed to salt somewhere along the line. “So rebuilding it, well that didn’t fill me with joy,” He revealed, “And as the TD5 has different connectors I thought – ‘Help!!‘ So, after talking to Dan at Brookwells and having to lie down at the cost doubled with the fact that there aren’t any around, I thought ‘second hand‘, but I did worry about what condition they would be in. Thankfully Dan got back to me to tell me he had sourced one and it would be here with 2 weeks, so choice made, I fitted it the other night.”

Andy the Landy's Bulkhead is in position

Andy the Landy’s Bulkhead is in position

“The bulkhead, as shown above, returned from paint, so went straight on, and is now to start the refitting and parts refurb process. The major hold up at the min is the bulkhead people galvanized some parts and have mislaid some rear tub parts, so as that came back this week it will be fitted once the parts find there way back in some way shape or form.”

It’s clear from the pictures in this blog that things are really starting to come together now, we’re a bit behind James in his progress so we’ll try and catch up a bit – keep your eyes peeled for another update soon.

Days after the last product news from Exmoor Trim, we’ve just received more – and very exciting news at that! Brand new Premium Modular Front Seats to fit Land Rover Defenders based on the styling of the commemorative LXV model.

Most Defenders live a hard life, chugging away on farmland, rally courses, plantations, icy peaks and everything in between, but a lucky few live the life of Riley. And for those, these premium modular seats are the perfect addition from the world’s leading Land Rover trim manufacturer – Exmoor Trim. These seats come at a price that their luxury and style befits, starting at £855 +VAT each.

The seats shown below are EXT301PREM-LXV on the left and on the right, EXT301PREM-XSLRBK


Exmoor Trim say, “Our premium range of Modular seating gives unrivalled levels of comfort and support with the iconic look of the Modern LXV Defender. These are available in the range listed here with the bespoke tailored Leather finish of the Exmoor Trim Signature range. All seats are available with the option of Exmoor or OEM heaters and pneumatic lumbers for added comfort. They come with a large rear pocket and, as standard, removable base for access below the seat.”

These seats are handmade to order and therefore there would be a delay on any any order placed to delivery as these high class products are made by Exmoor’s fine craftsmen and women.

The seats shown below are; EXT301PREM-G4 (left) and  EXT301PREM-XSLRB on the right.

getimgCAJ1P3QH getimgCALT156F

And these seats are as safe as they are classy and comfy. Along with many of the other high-quality features you’d expect from an ET product they are Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) Mark 1 impact tested and approved from the Millbrook Testing Ground. And there’s an Approved worldwide certification with every seat.

Also available in Exmoor Trim’s Premium Range – the Premium Cubby box EXT015PREM as shown below in the “XSLRBK” trim. You can personalise yours with the trim of your choice to match your seating. We’ve only just received news about the availability of these seats and cubby boxes so are waiting for more images and info – keep you eyes peeled either by checking back here or searching for Brookwells across all forms of social media. And of course there is also their new Fixed Seat Riser (EXT010-5RH and EXT010-5LH) for added comfort and legroom which you can find out about here.

Premium Modular front seat for Defenders with Premium Cubby Box

Premium Modular front seats for Defenders with accompanying Premium Cubby Box from Exmoor Trim.

Please be advised that all items shown in the above image are SOLD SEPARATELY. 

As with every single order that leaves our depot, the greatest care is made to ensure that whatever you purchase gets to you in pristine condition as it should – and you can rest assured the same will happen with these market leading seats. For anything else you require, or any questions you have about this or any other Landy product, feel free to contact us for more details on 01626 833848 or

It’s been a while since we caught up with James, our man who has set out to create his dream Defender – a County with a TD5 engine and a remit of “No more rust“. And seeing as we’ve recently sent him out a load more Land Rover parts we thought it was time for an update…

If you missed the first edition, you can find it by clicking here

And where better to start than with his fantastic looking galvanised chassis from one of our suppliers which is surely the dream purchase for and Landy Lover – and fully personalised to specifications, too.

The dream of any Landy restorer, a galvanised chassis

The dream of any Landy restorer, a galvanised chassis

And if you thought it looked great when untreated, you’re in for a treat with the picture below which shows James’ rust-beating chassis with a sharp paint job looking great in the British sunshine. “The chassis is a lovely piece of kit, and first hand I can tell you that it all fits and lines up perfectly so far. It was T-washed and self etched primed, then painted in Jotun conceal a marine based paint.” James explains.

James' galvanised Defender 90 chassis fully painted

James’ galvanised Defender 90 chassis fully painted

Once the Landy had been stripped down (as seen in part one) and the paint had gone on the chassis it was time to reassemble Andy the Landy and get stuck into the best part of any project – seeing it come back to life – exactly how you want it.

Terrafirma shocks with calipers and Allmakes discs  fitted

Terrafirma shocks with calipers and Allmakes’ discs fitted

James said, “Andy is now back on his wheels (pics below) with fuel lines in place and brake lines to the front, the only hitch so far was putting the central cross member in place the wrong way round!!” We all make mistakes from time to time but surely James can be forgiven once you’ve seen how good his front Terrafirma Springsshockstubular turrets and securing rings look along side his shiny calipers and discs. 

The Defender 90 rebuild is at a perfect height to inspect the shocks and discs

The Defender rebuild at the perfect height to inspect the shocks and discs

And James explained that they really caught the eye of passers by and visitors before the wheels went on, as they were perfect eye-line height as he was working on them as shown above, you can see the Cross-grooved and drilled discs from Allmakes 4×4.

Bolts on and ready to rumble

Bolts on and ready to rumble

So here we are at the moment, as you can see above is the front of the rebuild, with the Terrafirma steering damper and wheels proudly on display, and below is the rear view.

Front end of the 90's Chassis with Terrafirma steering damper fitted

Front end of the 90’s Chassis with Terrafirma steering damper fitted

And what are the next steps for Andy the Landy? “Engine and gearbox should go in soon then exhaust, and rover drive. Have put the new flywheel and clutch. Just cleaning up the engine and box and fitting new coolant hoses of which Dan sourced the last one this morning.” James explains.

Rear end of the Defender 90 chassis with Terrafirma gear on

Rear end of the Defender 90 chassis with Terrafirma gear on

So keep checking back to see further progress on this build as we’re starting to get into the exciting bit now! What colours will James opt for? What other accessories will be put on? Will he hit his target of September?

Next time we can reveal that the gearbox is in, exhaust is on and James has been having fun with the TD5’s wiring loom.