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Britpart have recently introduced a new range of heavy duty galvanised chassis for Defender 110 Td5 and 300Tdi vehicles.


They are manufactured to original plans with 3, 4 and 8mm steel and thicker steel is used in high stress areas rather than lamination meaning the chassis is considerably stronger in those areas.

The frame is then hot galvanised which a quality durable finish, they are then fitted with additional inspection holes in the legs etc so the chassis can be cleaned out and or easily waxoyld to give long term protection.

If you are interested in giving your Defender a new lease of life then please give us a call on 01626 833848 or email us on and we will get back to you.





Brookwells will be attending the Adventure Overland Show in Stratford-upon-Avon next weekend 24th-25th September and we would love to meet you.

If you need any parts for your Land Rover or other Overland vehicle then this show is the one to visit. Not only will there be loads of trade stands there but also many Overland vehicles of all shapes and sizes to make your mouth water and inspire your next modification or build whether on 2 wheels, 4 or even 6!

So please do come and say hi to us on our stand if you are attending, it would be great to see you.

Justin and Crew!

AO`16 - 640x480 -event logo with dates Martin-Dover4 Jenny-Gavin-and-Ruby-the-Landy2 August-2012-058 Steve-Wigglesworth-21 Mike-Dennis2



As you can probably tell the Ice Warrior doesn’t get used in anger for serious off roading or winching duties very often so when we got an emergency call from the boss the other day requesting it’s presence to winch a wood chipper up a 45 degree slope I didn’t need asking twice! We grabbed some recovery gear i.e winch pulley block (WIN7750), tree strop (ZBS1817) and two bow shackles (ZBS2073) to aid in the recovery.

Ice Warrior Winching 5

Firstly we placed the tree strop around the tree so as not to damage it with the winch rope and placed the 4.75T tested bow shackle through the loops so we could attach the Superwinch pulley block.

Ice Warrior Winching 4

Ice Warrior Winching 3

Ice Warrior Winching

Then we ran the rope up the hill, through the pulley block and back down to the chipper. Although the chipper didn’t look very big it was definitely heavy enough that you wouldn’t want to push it up a 45 degree slope so the winch was a very welcome accessory!

Ice Warrior Winching 2

Needless to say the Superwinch Talon 9,500lb (WIN1695211) winch fitted with plasma rope pulled it up the hill with ease, in fact I’m not even sure it knew it was there!

FullSizeRender (4)

The winch impressed me so much that I had to buy one myself! I have bought the Superwinch Tiger Shark 9,500lb to fit into my Defender winch bumper so please see our next blog for a full fitting guide.

All of the products mentioned in our blog are available to purchase from our online shop, just put the part numbers listed into our search engine facility and press go or if you have any enquiries drop us an email to or call us on 01626 833848.

We have just received an exciting new product to our range called RAPTOR, it’s a really tough protective paint coating which can be used on pretty much any surface you can imagine, steel, aluminium, galvanised steel, plastic, concrete and even glass! It can also be tinted to any colour of your choice, with the ability to create smooth and textured finishes.

We tried it out on some tired old parts we had here, a plastic headlamp surround and a bumperette and were really impressed with the ease of use and the finish, I’d be happy to bolt them to my truck now!

raptor protective coating 1 raptor protective coating 2 raptor protective coating 3

raptor protective coating 4 raptor protective coating 5
It is designed and made in the UK and was originally designed for the US pick-up market so you can guarantee it’s made tough…it has been described by the RAPTOR rep. as stone chip on steroids which after seeing it in action I can totally believe.

It can be used on your Land Rover, tractor, garden machinery, boat or on pretty much any other application or surface you can imagine giving it a long lasting tough, durable coating to protect it for years to come.  It can also be used as a sound deadening material, it can be sprayed on the inside of your doors, roof, bulkhead or under bonnet and will significantly reduce the vibration you get through aluminium and steel when driving making your Land Rover more comfortable and practical for a fraction of the cost of conventional sound proofing materials.

It is resistant to fuel, oil, salt water, heat and is even resistant to horse urine, if you have a horse you’ll be well aware of how caustic it is to the flooring of your box so quite an achievement!

Below are just a few ways RAPTOR could be used on your Landy:

Chequer plate and grills
Loading area
Underbody protection
Bumpers and bull bars
Sills, side rails and steps
Wheels and wheel arches
Part and full vehicle overspray

RAPTOR can be applied with a Schutz Gun, spray gun, roller or brush so a great finish is achievable whatever equipment you have, whether in a field or a professional spray booth. All you need is some scotchbrite to key the surface and some etch primer if applying to bare metal and you’re away.

It is touch dry within half an hour and a second coat can be applied within the hour making it very practical and user friendly.

There are also many other products available in the RAPTOR range, please click here to view the entire range.

~ Justin

Hot off the press we’ve got the latest innovative accessory for your Land Rover! A USB charger kit which fits seamlessly into all Land Rover models with a 12V DC socket. 

Land Rover USB Charger kit 12V DC

Land Rover USB Charger kit 12V DC

Tired of your phone running out of battery when you’re in the middle of nowhere raking across the countryside, towing your mates out of a ditch or tackling snowy terrain? Well we’ve got the perfect solution, this superb USB charger from Blue Sea.

They say it is, “Easy to install in existing 12V DC socket hole or a new cut one (28.58mm diameter) providing convenient access for charging mobile devices.

  • Compatible with popular mobile devices.
  • Provides two USB sockets
  • Protective cap”


Here’s some technical info for you as well…


Maximum Output Current 2.1A DC (total)
Cut Out Dimensions 18 in (28.58 mm) dia. hole
Input Voltage 12V
Output Voltage 5V DC +/- 5%
Parasitic Current Draw 15mA
USB 2.0
Weight 0.20lb (0.09 kg)


This handy accessory can be yours for just £23.75 (+ VAT) and as always is available in store, on-line or other the phone. And if you need it for reference our part number is DA4679. Not only is it handy in your Landy, but because of its universal fitment you can easily transfer it for use in any other vehicle.

Price accurate as of the 17.03.14

Hot off the press we have five exciting new Castrol accessories for you. As well as a 1/2 pint, pint and two pint pouring jugs and a Castrol branded baseball cap we also have a Castrol tin mug just in.

They’re all in stock and available to order today with, as always, shipping to anywhere in the world or over the counter in our branches. Take a look below.

Castrol half pint pouring jug

Castrol half pint pouring jug

DA6271, shown above, is the 1/2 pint pouring jug and is priced at £6.21 (+ VAT). Click on the part number or the picture to go to its page on our webstore.

Castrol one pint pouring jug

Castrol one pint pouring jug

DA6272 is the bigger brother of the half pint pourer, it’s the whole pint Castrol pouring jug. This is priced at £7.75 (+ VAT).

Castrol 2 pint pouring jug

Castrol 2 pint pouring jug

DA6273 is the daddy of the range and can hold up to two pints. Priced at £8.37 (+ VAT) this jug offers exceptional value.

Castrol baseball cap

Castrol baseball cap

We also have started to stock this stylish Castrol cap in Land Rover green. For reference, its part number is DA6274, and is priced at just £8.85 (+ VAT).

Castrol tin mug

Castrol tin mug

Finally, we have shiny new Castrol tin mug, part number DA6270 for just £4.59 (+ VAT).

For all your Land Rover Parts, spares and accessories look no further than Brookwells. Our unrivalled knowledge on all things Landy puts us apart from the crowd and we’re always happy to help, from chassis to assys!

Call us on 01626 833848, email to or drop in to our Bovey Tracey or Plympton branches.

All prices correct as of 11/01/2014. Prices may vary.

We’ve just received another stylish yet sturdy product for Land Rovers, new seat risers from Exmoor Trim. Replacing the old risers, the new design are made from 2.5mm steel for maximum strength with a black graphite finish and come complete with fittings and instructions as imaged.

Land Rover Seat Risers from Exmoor TrimLand Rover Seat Risers from Exmoor Trim

Brand new style seat risers from Exmoor Trim, available now from Brookwells. Click image to enlarge. 

The updated look now includes elements of the new-style Land Rover grille on the design which creates a contemporary look. “They are now available as either left hand or right hand and are simply installed beneath your existing seat runners to give extra space between steering wheel and seat back ideal for taller drivers.” Exmoor Trim explain, “They’re quick and easy to install with 3 positions to bolt your seat too each position giving increased legroom to the driver or passenger with exceptional seating posture and seat travel.”


“The raised outer side gives extra protection to the seat runner from damage.
These can be used with centre seat or centre box fitted. EXT010-5RH for the drivers or right hand seat and EXT010-5LH for the passenger or left hand seat are a big step forward and replace the outgoing EXT010-5,” Of which there are a handful left if you still want to get hold of some, alternatively you can call us on 01626 833848.


Prices start at £58.00 (plus VAT) each and are available to order immediately from us here at Brookwells. Make sure you act now to avoid the rush when adverts hit the Land Rover Magazines! We supply the full range of Exmoor Trim products so if there’s anything you can’t find on our website or any enquiries feel free to contact us on the number above and we’d be happy to help.

It’s been a while since we caught up with James, our man who has set out to create his dream Defender – a County with a TD5 engine and a remit of “No more rust“. And seeing as we’ve recently sent him out a load more Land Rover parts we thought it was time for an update…

If you missed the first edition, you can find it by clicking here

And where better to start than with his fantastic looking galvanised chassis from one of our suppliers which is surely the dream purchase for and Landy Lover – and fully personalised to specifications, too.

The dream of any Landy restorer, a galvanised chassis

The dream of any Landy restorer, a galvanised chassis

And if you thought it looked great when untreated, you’re in for a treat with the picture below which shows James’ rust-beating chassis with a sharp paint job looking great in the British sunshine. “The chassis is a lovely piece of kit, and first hand I can tell you that it all fits and lines up perfectly so far. It was T-washed and self etched primed, then painted in Jotun conceal a marine based paint.” James explains.

James' galvanised Defender 90 chassis fully painted

James’ galvanised Defender 90 chassis fully painted

Once the Landy had been stripped down (as seen in part one) and the paint had gone on the chassis it was time to reassemble Andy the Landy and get stuck into the best part of any project – seeing it come back to life – exactly how you want it.

Terrafirma shocks with calipers and Allmakes discs  fitted

Terrafirma shocks with calipers and Allmakes’ discs fitted

James said, “Andy is now back on his wheels (pics below) with fuel lines in place and brake lines to the front, the only hitch so far was putting the central cross member in place the wrong way round!!” We all make mistakes from time to time but surely James can be forgiven once you’ve seen how good his front Terrafirma Springsshockstubular turrets and securing rings look along side his shiny calipers and discs. 

The Defender 90 rebuild is at a perfect height to inspect the shocks and discs

The Defender rebuild at the perfect height to inspect the shocks and discs

And James explained that they really caught the eye of passers by and visitors before the wheels went on, as they were perfect eye-line height as he was working on them as shown above, you can see the Cross-grooved and drilled discs from Allmakes 4×4.

Bolts on and ready to rumble

Bolts on and ready to rumble

So here we are at the moment, as you can see above is the front of the rebuild, with the Terrafirma steering damper and wheels proudly on display, and below is the rear view.

Front end of the 90's Chassis with Terrafirma steering damper fitted

Front end of the 90’s Chassis with Terrafirma steering damper fitted

And what are the next steps for Andy the Landy? “Engine and gearbox should go in soon then exhaust, and rover drive. Have put the new flywheel and clutch. Just cleaning up the engine and box and fitting new coolant hoses of which Dan sourced the last one this morning.” James explains.

Rear end of the Defender 90 chassis with Terrafirma gear on

Rear end of the Defender 90 chassis with Terrafirma gear on

So keep checking back to see further progress on this build as we’re starting to get into the exciting bit now! What colours will James opt for? What other accessories will be put on? Will he hit his target of September?

Next time we can reveal that the gearbox is in, exhaust is on and James has been having fun with the TD5’s wiring loom.

After months of searching for the best Land Rover photos from across the globe to go into our 2014 calendar we announced that David Maddock’s muddy snap was voted as the winner of £200 worth of Terrafirma or Britpart vouchers by Brookwell staff.

David Maddock Collects his Terrafirma 4x4 Land Rover goodies

David Maddock collects his Terrafirma 4×4 Land Rover goodies from our Plymouth Branch

And last month he popped into our Plymouth branch to claim his prize, £200 worth of Terrafirma 4×4 goodies which included, Rear Dislocation Cones – Polycarbonate (TF530XT), Extreme Long Travel Shock Absorber x2 (TF122LT) and Coil Springs (Front) (TF015). Fine choices we’re sure you’ll agree and you can find our comprehensive list of Terrafirma products on their parts homepage, here.

David Maddock's muddy Defender won him £200 of Terrafirma 4x4 vouchers

David Maddock’s muddy Defender won him £200 of Terrafirma 4×4 vouchers

We had dozens of submissions and it was certainly a tough job whittling them down to a final 12, let alone and out-and-out winner. But we got there in the end and as soon as the calendars arrived at Brookwell HQ we starting sending them out to the finalists. Everyone who made it into the final calendar received a free copy and the feedback from the finalists has certainly been great so far.

The competition, which ran on our Facebook page, was a roaring success and looks likely to happen again next year, so keep your eye out for the snap which could win you the prize next time around. In the meantime you can head over to our page and look at the pics that made it into the calendar and be the first in the que to get your hands on one of our superb calendars once they go on sale a bit closer to the end of the year.

You may have seen our advert on page 208 of August 2013’s Land Rover Owner magazine and be interested to see what the teaser video still was… Well here it is…

This truly fantastic video shows the phenomenal capability of Terrafirma’s 11″ Travel Mega Sport Shocks, 16″ Travel Air Shock and 4″ Hydraulic Bump Stop on Team Moose’s Off-Road Racing Vehicle which competed in the Croatia Trophy 2013.

Click here to see the full video

By clicking the link above, you’ll see this off-road beast tearing up various types of terrain as it prepares to take on the notorious Croatia Trophy, in which they finished a very respectable 11th in the Adventure Class.


TF137 Terrafirma 11" Mega Sport Shocks

TF137 Terrafirma 11" Mega Sport Shocks

The TF137 requires a TF540 fitting kit and the manufacturers Terrafirma 4×4 describe it as, “The ultimate 4×4 shock absorber.”

“The Terrafirma Mega Sport shock combines the finest quality machining, specialist components and design features,” They continue, “And is built to stand up to the punishment encountered in the hardest off road conditions. Multi stage damping provides outstanding control and the high volume oil contained within the huge remote reservoir dissipates heat ensuring consistent performance for long periods regardless of the terrain.”

“The Mega Sport shock is not vehicle specific and as such will suit custom vehicle builders. Unique Terrafirma mounting systems have been produced to fit these amazing shocks to Land Rover Defenders. It is also possible to fit them to Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classics with some minor modifications needed to the inner wings and panel work.”

And whatever Terrafirma shock you choose you can be sure that it will be of the highest quality, performance and durability.

You can also check out our full, comprehensive range of Terrafirma 4×4 accessories and upgrades for Land Rovers here. And now we are offering a free economy carriage service on all UK mainland offers over £60 excl VAT.